Accessibility: Learn more about making accessible online course content or register for the Introduction to Teaching Online course to gain skills and access new accessibility resources.

Adding people to Canvas courses: Student enrollments are synced with Canvas twice a day during the first two weeks of the semester, and may take up to 2 business days to sync with your PAWS roster. If a student is still not showing up in your Canvas roster and they have shown up on your PAWS roster for more than 2 business days, please reach out to the LMS administrator for guidance. Use the form on the PDC Canvas support page to request others be added to your courses (like SIs, observers, or TAs).

Apps: To request a new application be integrated into Canvas, please use the New LTI App Request Form. It will be evaluated with the eLearning Tool Evaluation Rubric and added if it meets the criteria. If the tool is a paid tool, it may be brought to the Technology Development Council for further review. To see a list of apps that have been integrated into Canvas, check out the Canvas Integrations page.

Cross-listing courses: You may request that your courses be combined using the form linked on the PDC Canvas support page, or you can combine them yourself if you so desire.

Data requests: If you are a dean or manager requesting information from a specific Canvas course, please be aware that the instructor(s) will be asked for consent to provide that data.

New Courses: Course shells for the new semester are created approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester (or sooner, once the PAWS schedule is finalized). Instructors may create "sandbox" courses (blank Canvas courses with no student enrollments) to begin developing their content for the new term. Learn how to create a sandbox course, import course content into the sandbox course, and copy it over into the new semester's live courses by watching the step-by-step instructional video

OEI: Learn more about joining the OEI Course Exchange.

Regular & Effective Contact: Refer to the Faculty contract for information on faculty expectations and register for the Tech Tools online course's Regular & Effective Contact module to learn more about the tools you can use to communicate with your DE students.