The College is committed to creating a safe and healthy learning environment for all members of the campus community.

The College disapproves of alcohol abuse, intoxication, and any resulting unacceptable conduct. The legal drinking age is 21 years and on-campus use of alcohol is prohibited by State law.

Abuse of alcohol in any context will not be tolerated. Violations of state laws pertaining to the possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages, including underage violators, are enforced on campus.

The Salinas Police Department enforces all federal and state laws pertaining to violations of drug manufacturing, distribution, dispensation, possession or use.

The use of alcohol and drugs can result in the following:

  • Decreased performance and absenteeism
  • Poor judgment and coordination/tremors
  • More accidents
  • Drowsiness and mood swings
  • Lower morale/self-esteem and increase in conflict with others
  • Frequent flu-like symptoms

Also see the posted Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Disclosure

Who To Contact

  • Campus Safety
    Phone: 831 755-6888
    Office: T - Portable Building
    Main Campus, Bldg T - Campus Safety