For general questions related to flex, email -  Please read the information below to learn about the approval process:

Flex Approval Process

Getting approval for flex credit is a simplified two-step process:


Your flex activity may not require pre-approval if you complete your professional development through the PDC or through the Vision Resource Center. If you are completing an external training, please submit your flex request through email to, and include the following information: 

  • Email title: Request for approval of flex activity
  • Number of hours requested, and the date of the proposed activity (make sure this is NOT scheduled for teaching time)
  • How this will help you develop professionally, improve your teaching and/or help your students
  • Any supporting documentation (such as a link, a brochure, a website or an agenda)


Upon approval, submit your evidence for having completed your approved flex activity through email to  

  • Email Title : Flex activity completion 
  • Documentation of successful completion (such as a certificate, transcript, license, attendance verification, etc.)

Upon Completion

Please note: You will be notified automatically through email when your request has been received, and when your request has been approved OR if further information is required. You may also email the Flex Coordinator directly with any questions OR to propose a flex workshop that you'd like to facilitate at

View the Flexible Calendar Guidelines