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Enrollment & Degree Verification

Sometimes potential employers or organizations that provide services to students will want to verify that you are a currently enrolled student or have earned your degree if you are a graduate.

Hartnell College is a participant in EnrollmentVerify through the National Student Clearinghouse, the leading private source for US college enrollment data.

Enrollment verification


The National Student Clearinghouse can provide Hartnell College students enrollment verifications for a small fee. The Admissions & Records Office can also provide current students with enrollment verifications at no fee. 

Enrollment Verification request

Commercial entities

Hartnell Colleges does not provide enrollment verification directly to commercial entities. The National Student Clearinghouse provides a convenient service that cuts through the administrative hurdles and delays caused by dealing with schools directly to acquire proof of a student's degree status for a fee.

By using the National Student Clearinghouse, commercial entities can obtain immediate, affordable online verifications.

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Degree verification


The National Student Clearinghouse provides Hartnell College student degree verifications for a small fee.

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Contact the National Student Clearinghouse


Phone: 703-742-4200

Fax: 703-742-4239

Mail: National Student Clearinghouse

13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300

Herndon, VA 20171