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Looking for a specific form?  All Administrative Services/Business Office forms are listed alphabetically, below.  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:   If you experience trouble when downloading and/or saving a form, please create a folder on your desktop (or elsewhere) where you can save the document.  Please then choose the form you need from the list below, download it to the folder you created, fill it out, rename it, and save.  Please contact the Business Office at ext. 6995 if you require further assistance.

Do you need help completing a form or would you like a refresher on how to accomplish a task such as checking your budget? Administrative Services training materials and instructions are also located below.  

Still unable to find what you need?  Please call us at ext. 6800!

403(b) Plan-MidAmerica  
457(b) Plan-MidAmerica  2024 Year-End Closing Training - Slides / Recording
Additional Staff Parking Permit   2016 Grant Roles & Responsibilities Training
Agreement / Contract Template (2023) 2018 Payroll Training 
Automatic Deposit Authorization   2021 Business Office Training
Benefits Calculator (2023-24) NEW 2022 Fiscal Year-End Closing Plan
  2021 Grant & Budget Management Training - Slides / Zoom Link
Board Agenda Template 2021 Purchasing Training - Slides / Zoom Link
Budget Augmentation  (for new grants) 2022 Expenditure Transfers & Budget Revisions/Transfers - Slides/Zoom Link
Budget Revision (Transfer)   2022 Colleague Budget Reports - Slides/Zoom Link
CalPERS 457 Participant Change Authorization 2022 Payroll Training - Slides/Zoom Link
Check Request (or Credit Card Request) Form 2022 Pre-Soft Close Training - Slides/Zoom Link 
COI Disclosure  2022 Closing Out Grants & Fiscal Year Final Reporting- Slides/Zoom Link
Compensatory Time Off (CTO)  Business Office Training Power Point Presentation
DE-4 State Withholding 2022-23 Business Office New Year Training
Expenditure Transfer Request   BUSINESS OFFICE PROCESSES
HCGCF Hartnell Grant Concept form (.pdf) AdobeSign Signature Process
HCGCF Hartnell Grant Concept form (Word) Bidding Procedures Matrix
I-9  (2017)  Key Request Process NEW
Mileage Reimbursement  (2024)  NEW   Purchasing  Matrix- Check Request vs. Purchase Order
Non-Service Stipend Contract Agreement   
Petty Cash Reimbursement  
Purchase Requisition Form (2023) - Electronic 5 W's (for Check Requests & Purchase Requisitions) NEW
Request for Pay History    
Request for Reissue of Wage and Tax Statement   Earn Types-Quick Reference (payroll entry)
Request for Time Off   Mid-year Budget Review Guidelines and Instructions
Sole Source Justification  (2018) Mid-year Budget Review Templates:
         Division Summary  /  Shadow System
Third Party Direct Billing Authorization Mileage Reimbursement Instructions           
Third Party Sponsorship Agreement  Petty Cash Fund Guidelines
Timesheet - Academic  
Timesheet - Employee Absence & Overtime Report   Steps for GLBR - Budget Detail Report    
Timesheet - Student, Workstudy, Classified Steps for GLBS - Budget Summary Report  
Tracking Sheet Template  (2024) Steps for Processing Tracking Sheets & Contracts  
Travel Authorization  (2024)  NEW Student Sponsorship Guidelines
Vendor Information Form  (2022) Travel Information & Guidelines (2023)  NEW
W-4 Federal Tax Withholding (2022) Traveler Data Profile      
  2021-2022 HR & Payroll Processing Schedule  
  2021-2022 Payroll Calendar
  Budget Officer ID Refernece Sheet
  Chart of Accounts
  Check Request vs. Purchase Requisition
  Colleague Report Acronyms
  Object Codes Reference Sheet