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The Grants Management Team is responsible for grants and contracts revenue streams, including the pre-award and post-award general administration, budget monitoring, accounting, financial reporting, and cost share compliance related to the federal, state and local grants and contracts for the District.

David G. Techaira


Telephone:  831-755-6835
Jennifer Santana
Grants Accountant
Telephone:  831-755-6975

Services provided to faculty, staff, students, and other associates include: 

•  General grant and contract guidance •  Budget development
•  Financial management •  Grant submission
•  Reporting  

Additionally, we provide technical oversight to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal government regulations, laws, policies, and procedures.

Public and private grant pre-award application development and post-award management are coordinated between the offices of Advancement & Development  and Administrative Services.  

Budget Augmentation Form
COI Disclosure Form
HCGCF Grant Concept Form (Word)
Time & Effort Template
Steps to Download and Save Time & Effort Template

Additional forms may be found on the Business Office Forms and Training webpage .

49 CFR Records Disposition for Grants
Budget and Accounting Manual (2012 ed.)
Board Policy 1300 - Conflict of Interest Code
DSPS Compliance Resources
Federal Equipment Disposition Procedure
Hartnell College Grants Flowchart
Hartnell Indirect Cost Agreement
Hartnell Student Intern Payment Decision Tree
Reporting Process for Grants
Viewing the Grants Report Calendar
Link to Advancement & Development
Link to EDGAR
Link to National Science Foundation Policies & Procedures
OMB Uniform Guidance: Cost Principles, Audit, & Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards
Link to U.S. Department of Education Training Management
Link to Student Equity Expenditure Guidelines
Permissive Use of Perkins Funding