As a result of the growing concerns around the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID19), Monterey County has issued a Shelter-in-Place order effective March 18, 2020.  For more information, visit the Hartnell College website.

Forms and questions may be submitted to from your Hartnell email account. An Email Authorization form must be on file. All forms have been converted to fillable PDFs. For best results, please download and save your form before filling it out. Forms can be signed electronically. Forms may also be faxed to (831)759-6014. 

The United States Department of Education requires that financial aid students have their academic progress reviewed each academic year (fall, spring, and summer semesters) to determine if Satisfactory Academic Progress has been achieved.


How is Academic Progress Measured?

Qualitative and Quantitative Standards measure academic progress. Qualitative Standards measure GPA. All students must have a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 or better. Quantitative Standards measure completion rates. All students must have completed at least 67% of their cumulative units attempted.

For more information about SAP, please click on the following:

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Are you currently on Disqualification Status?

All new appeal students are required to complete an Online SAP Workshop. Completion of these workshops is mandatory. To appeal your disqualification, please complete the steps below. Please note that the following steps have been revised to reflect the COVID-19 protocols that have been established. 

1. Complete the SAP Quiz below:

SAP Quiz - Closed for Summer 20

2. Check your Hartnell Gmail account for quiz results. Quiz results will be sent to you within 3 business days after you take the SAP Quiz.

3. If you pass the quiz, you will be sent an appeal packet for your completion. Please be sure to complete the appeal form in its entirety with the exception of your counselor’s signature and recommendations.

4. Once you complete your appeal form please make an appointment with a Hartnell counselor to develop strategies for success and complete a comprehensive educational plan. 

5. The declared major on the Student Educational Plan and Appeal must reflect what Admissions and Records have in their system. (Students may view their academic major under the My Profile link on PAWS. If the major is incorrect, you must submit a Change of Information form with the correct major to Admissions and Records. The form can be found on the Admissions and Records page).

6. Submit the completed SAP Appeal Form by email to or faxed to (831)759-6014 by the established deadline located in the link below. (Be sure to attach supporting documentation, a copy of your educational plan, and a copy of your canvas grade book for each class with your appeal packet). 

Summer 2020 Deadlines

Are you currently on Disqualified status, but have submitted an appeal in a previous semester?

All students who have previously submitted an appeal to the Financial Aid Department and have had continuous enrollment do not need to complete a new appeal form or complete a SAP workshop. Your SAP record will automatically be reviewed for progression. If there are any changes to your Educational Plan, you must submit a copy of your updated plan to the Financial Aid Office immediately, along with a signed statement explaining the changes. Courses not listed on your Educational Plan will not be eligible for financial aid. 

What do I do if my appeal was denied?

If an appeal is denied, the student is not eligible for federal, most state and institutional financial aid. All appeal decisions are final; however, students may complete the appeal process again the following term. Students are limited to a maximum of 3 appeals at Hartnell College. Once you have reached a maximum of 3 appeals you will no longer be allowed to appeal.